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Universe Energy Management Solutions are one point of contact, for all your energy management needs.

Our goals are simple: to increase your company’s energy efficiency, and save you money.

In a highly competitive commercial world with ever increasing operational demands and stakeholder accountability, businesses face a constant challenge to display good corporate citizenship whilst also reducing costs and increasing profitability. Universe EMS identify high impact energy management solutions with short payback periods that meet both financial and environmental objectives, and ensure the benefits are sustained in the long-term.

With energy prices forecast to rise by up to 42% over the next three years¹, and ongoing uncertainty around the carbon tax, energy efficiency and sustainability will continue to be leading business imperatives.

Improving energy efficiency in commercial buildings,processes and equipment represents a unique opportunity for Australian business to meet these challenges, with the potential to cut carbon emissions by 46.9 million tonnes and save $4 billion per annum across the economy².

Irrespective of industry sector or business location, Universe EMS specialise in improving commercial energy efficiency. We work closely with our clients to understand the unique nature of their operating environment and the underlying drivers of energy consumption. Whether our clients require implementation of a specific set of energy efficient initiatives, or simply recognise the need to reduce their energy expenditure or environmental impact, Universe EMS provide tailored energy management solutions that deliver fast ROI with minimal disruption and protection against future energy price fluctuations.

We can deliver these benefits through a unique combination of in-house experience spanning electrical contracting, renewable energy engineering, electrical engineering and project management, along with products that are of only the highest quality, backed by Australian supported warranties and sourced through an extensive supplier screening process.

Maintaining a reduced carbon footprint in the long-term not only provides sustained financial and environmental benefits, but these benefits can be leveraged in corporate communications to publicly demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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2. Climate Works Australia